19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (2024)

The mule is a highly underrated shoe. Defined as a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the heel, the mule is undoubtedly the best casual shoe to offer versatility, as it can even be dressed up with a pair of slim-fit pants and a blazer, for a more refined look.

Mules are the perfect go-to summer shoe, as their easy slip-on design is ideal for the low-maintenance man who still wants to look effortlessly cool.

However, investing in a great pair of mules depends not only on the look but the level of comfortability too. You want a mule that features a supportive footbed, adjustable straps, and foam cushioning. These are types of shoes you’ll repeatedly wear, so you want to make sure they’re providing an adequate level of support and can last through wear and tear.

With so many different alterations of men’s mules, from slippers to loafers to golf shoes, it can be daunting to find the right pair for you. However, to make this process slightly less overwhelming, we’ve chosen a list of reliable brands producing some of the most stylish yet comfortable men’s mules out there.

Whether you’re walking down to your local cafe or heading to dinner by the beach, we have a variety of different mule styles that are suitable for every occasion.

This is a complete guide of the best men’s mules that’ll make you look sophisticated with minimal effort – you’ll seriously give a young Hugh Hefner a run for his money.

Lusso Cloud

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (1) 1/19

Price: From $135
Sizes: 3-14

Just like the name suggests, Lusso Cloud footwear is comfortable without compromising on style. Founded by sneaker connoisseur and fashion designer Jon Buscemi and pro-skateboarder turned entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek, this brand is a recipe for success, offering effortlessly cool designs rooted in their “comfort nirvana” vision.

Lusso Cloud offers premium footwear with mules available in various colours, sizes, and styles. Their mules are super supportive as they feature a cushion foam membrane, putting a little spring in your step.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (2) 2/19

Price: From $50
Sizes: 2-17
Material: Crocs Comfort™

Crocs is an American company located in Broomfield, Colorado, famous for manufacturing foam clogs, initially designed to be a boat shoe. Crocs are pioneers for casual footwear, creating designs geared to be functional and endurable, as they can sustain all types of weather thanks to its waterproof finish.

Aside from offering foam clogs, Crocs has expanded its range to include mules. Crocs’ mules are a generous and roomy fit, designed to feel super soft on the foot. Also, their mules feature a slip-resistant tread and extra support around the toe. All kinds of crocs are available, from all-terrain rubber clogs to baya lined clogs to classic lined slippers; Crocs have you covered.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (3) 3/19

Price: From $120
Sizes: 6-13.5
Material: Wool felt

Founded in 1774 in Hammersbach, Germany, Birkenstock is one of the top five footwear brands globally. Birkenstock is a pioneer for footwear as they invented the footbed, which has been commonly used and adapted by other brands worldwide. This top-rated company create shoes that offer comfort, function, and high-quality materials.

Their range is highly diverse as it includes Arizona sandals, Boston clogs, and London leather mules. If you’re looking for something a little more refined, check out their collection of leather footwear, which features mules with a flat sole and made of suede. However, if you’re after loungewear mules, try their wool felt slippers, designed to be snug and cosy.

ASOS Design

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (4) 4/19

Price: From $24
Sizes: 7-13
Material: 100% Textile

ASOS is everyone’s favourite online shop as they offer various styles, prints, sizes, and colours. Starting in 2000, the company sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

If you’re looking for incredibly cheap and luxurious mules, ASOS has your back. With mules and slippers available in an array of styles, ASOS have footwear for everyone’s taste. If you’re after a sleek design, have a look at their espadrilles as they feature a gold-tone snaffle, easy to slip on and off. For bedwear, look at their fluffy mules as they’re incredibly soft and are constructed out of faux-fur materials.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (5) 5/19

Price: From $99
Sizes: 4-14
Material: Leather

Although Greats is a relatively new brand – founded in 2014, they’ve quickly risen to prominence thanks to its trendy and cool designs. Greats’ footwear is highly versatile as they’re suitable for every occasion. Also, the company make sustainable and ethical products as their top-rated factories meet the highest level of labour and environmental practices.

Offering top-tier mules, Greats have made them for comfort and style. Their mules will make you want to throw away your uggs and flip-flops, as their premium mules are not only super convenient but feature fine details and are sustainably hand sewn by craftsmen in the Porto district of Portugal.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (6) 6/19

Price: From $99
Sizes: 6-13
Material: Wool

Camper is a contemporary footwear brand headquartered in Inca, Spain. This family-run business founded in the mid-70s uses its rich shoemaking heritage to create its unique designs. Camper is a globally recognised brand with stores in 40 countries and sales worth up to 4 million.

If you’re looking for a pair of laid-back mules perfect for the summer, then look no further. Camper offers a series of rubber loafers suitable to wear by the poolside, thanks to its waterproof construction. Their Wabi sandals are inspired by Japanese minimalism and feature a soft, cushioning feel.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (7) 7/19

Price: From $128
Sizes: 36-43
Material: Leather

Fitflop entered onto the scene in 2007 to create footwear that would last a lifetime, no matter if you wore them all day, every day. Its mission is to support its consumers from the ground up, combining shoes featuring impressive technologies and biomechanics.

Fitflop’s range includes a men’s suede mule slipper available in bold brown and black colours. These mules are incredibly supportive as they feature arch contours and an impact pillow at the front and rear of the slipper. They’re also light and flexible, so you can relax while you lounge around at home.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (8) 8/19

Price: From $195
Sizes: 7-13
Material: Italian leather

Koio brings together modern design, sustainable Italian craftsmanship, and comfort to create luxurious footwear for everyday wear. The company are committed to ensuring shoes are well-constructed, as they’re handcrafted with locally sourced leathers, suedes, and recycled materials. Before completion, every shoe has to pass through the hands of 42 artisans – you’ll struggle to find footwear treated with the same level of care and detail.

Koio is offering the most stylish pairs of mules handcrafted in Italy. Engineered with a soft ‘Cognac’ suede and lined with smooth leather, these slippers are the perfect shoes for casual wear as they come with a cushioned footbed and adjustable brass buckle for a personalised fit.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (9) 9/19

Price: From $55
Sizes: 6.5-16
Material: Microfiber fabric

Skechers is an American lifestyle and performance footwear company located in Manhattan Beach, California. Founded in 1992, Skecher is now the third-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States and are renowned for manufacturing the most comfortable shoes made for longevity. Skechers are the go-to work shoe.

Skechers offers the finest mules as they include their lightweight and responsive Ultra Go technology for extra cushioning. Skechers’ mules also have a contoured footbed and a convertible heel strap for additional functionality.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (10) 10/19

Price: From $160
Sizes: 7-12
Material: Brazilian suede

Obra design shoes that are the intersection of artistry and utility. Founded by longtime friends Dave Cory and Arnaud Delecolle, Obra’s vision has always been to manufacture excellent footwear that features timeless and classic designs.

Obra mules and slippers are incredibly durable as they come with a vulcanised rubber outsole built to last forever. Also, their mules are protective for the foot with a rubber-wrapped toe design and supportive footbed. Shoes are ethically produced and available in white and navy blue colours.

Steve Madden

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (11) 11/19

Steve Madden has revolutionised the shoe industry ever since launching in 1990. Starting as a modest $1,100 investment, Steve Madden began selling shoes out of the trunk of his car. Now, Steve Madden is one of the most successful shoe companies globally, thanks to his daring designs inspired by a New York sensibility and rock ‘n’ roll culture.

Steve Madden creates the most polished and well-crafted mules as they come with the company’s infamous horse bit ornament with a backless silhouette. These shoes come in various styles, shapes, and prints, suitable for both casual and formal wear.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (12) 12/19

Price: From $95
Sizes: 37-45
Material: Wool

Giesswein launched in 1954 as they began to produce knitted wool sweaters. However, in 1974 the company introduced the wool left ‘lodge shoe’, with the slipper being an instant success, prompting them to expand their apparel to include a selection of men’s footwear. Since then, they have produced over 50 million pairs of slippers.

Constructed out of Giesswein wool, these men’s mules take comfort and warmth to the next level, making them the perfect bedwear shoes. Featuring a slip-resistant and flexible rubber outsole that’s latex-coated, these shoes will provide a firm grip and silent step when walking around the house.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (13) 13/19

Price: From $100
Sizes: 36-50
Material: 100% Pure wool felt

Haflinger shoes are not only good for your feet but good for the planet too. This company has handcrafted footwear in Europe since 1898 while using natural materials to create stylish, long-lasting slippers. Haflinger shoes are constructed out of light and breathable fabrics, allowing flexibility and freedom of movement.

Haflinger shoes use natural latex to make the shoe’s sole last longer while embedding wool into the base and a rubber sole for outdoor shoes. They have a great selection of men’s mules on offer that are available in various colours.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (14) 14/19

Price: From $110
Sizes: 35-50
Material: Wool

If you’re after a super cosy and comfortable shoe, Woolfit is the perfect fit for you as their footwear comes with a thick wool insole. Woolfits are produced exclusively from sustainable raw materials; their precious wool is 100% natural and comes from local shepherds.

Their men’s mules define luxurious loungewear as they have hand-felted pure wool into their design, providing a uniquely soft walking sensation. WoolFit mules are almost like slippers; great for those colder winter nights.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (15) 15/19

Price: From $80
Sizes: 4-14
Material: OOfoam™

OOFOS was founded by two friends who wanted to reinvent athletic footwear by manufacturing shoes to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts recover from workouts on hard surfaces. This specialised footwear is designed for ultimate comfort and will help you spring forward while exercising. After years of testing and trialling, OOFOS developed their high-tech foam that features a biomechanical footbed.

OOFOS have men’s mules available with this OOfoam technology, designed to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear. Their proprietary footbed also helps to reduce stress on the knees and ankles.

Walk London

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (16) 16/19

Walk London is a family run British footwear company dedicated to creating high quality, stylish shoes for an affordable price. With over 50 years of experience in the footwear industry, Walk London began as a footwear design agency in Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London. Since then, Walk London has developed a loyal customer base, with their shoes worn globally.

Walk London have a series of men’s mules mostly made out of leather and suede, that feature a backless silhouette. These shoes are incredibly dapper and can be for formal or casual wear.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (17) 17/19

Asra is a London based brand all about creating shoes that look and feel good. Their footwear features versatile, eco-friendly, and non-slip shoes, which are some of the best mules on the market. Astra shoes are sustainable as they source leather from manufacturers certified by the Leather Working Group while also being committed to working with ethical factories.

If you’re looking for chic, minimal men’s mules then you should really check out their range. Their slip-on mules come with stud details and a pin buckle strap to feel like a personalised fit. Shoes are also available in black, tan, and brown colours.


19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (18) 18/19

Price: From $60
Sizes: 5-13
Material: Leather

The shoe brand we’ve come to know and love – Vans, goes back as far as 1966 under a different name. Initially, the company known as Van Doren Rubber began designing canvas deck shoes with a rubber grip. Shortly after, everyone in Southern California owned a pair of Vans.

Van’s make great mules for men, as they come with rubber midsole making them anti-slip and easy to move around in. This mule is a refreshing design with no back, featuring a mock-snake skin print. These men’s mules are available in sleek back colour too.

Truffle Collection

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (19) 19/19

Price: From $70
Sizes: 7-13
Material: 100% Polyurethane

Truffle Collection is based in London and has had more than ten years of experience. Their shoes are incredibly stylish, as Truffle Collection always keeps its pulse on fashion-forward designs. Keeping up to date with changing trends and style evolution, you’re sure to look fresh while repping this brand.

Truffle Collection offers cosy men’s mules due to its soft textile upper and faux-fur lining, with a gold snaffle detail on the front. Mules are available in all different prints, colours, and sizes, suitable for casual wear too.

19 Best Men's Mules For Versatile Style (2024)
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