Cooper's RV Center Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service (2024)

Review: On February 28, 2014, we purchased a 2012 LaCrosse travel trailer from Coopers. We purchased the RV under a 100 point full inspection guarantee that included a free inspection. This service was made a part of our sales agreement we signed and part of the purchase price. On or about March 21, 2014, we went to do our final walk through. However the service manager did not have the trailer hooked up to all the necessary water, propane and electrical sources but assured the 4 of us on the final tour that everything was in working order and that the 100 point inspection was complete. Once they allowed us to pick up the trailer, we took it directly to the campsite. We had to wait 15 days to attach our water, propane and electrical sources to the trailer after we delivered it. We discovered the following issues that the dealer has refused to go onsite to correct, as promised: (1) the hot water heater will only work when connected to propane and will not function at all when hooked to electric; (2) the furnace has an odd odor when connected to propane. When we cook at either the indoor kitchen or outdoor kitchen, on the attached grill, or are heating water, we do not have this smell; (3) and finally the last time this trailer was inspected was last completed at December 2013, 2 months prior to our even looking at the trailer. I have contacted my sales person twice and the service manager twice. I contacted the business every 21-30 days through June 20, 2014. During the last encounter the service manager told me that I was purely out of luck and that he didn't have to honor the written agreement to the 100 point inspection. He also told me that I had no reason to contact the and that I would be foolish to even think about legal representation. I have not filed any legal proceedings at this time. I have consulted with our attorney and they suggested we file this complaint and see if your expertise could resolve the issue. We only want the issues corrected. We will pay for parts but not labor.Desired Settlement: We want the issues all corrected with a reputable service person handling the issue. We are willing to pay a reasonable price for he parts but feel we should not pay for labor costs since this should have been addressed when we had the walk through.



Here we go again. This customer has never contacted me with regards to any issues with this camper. In addition, they have never contacted the sales person either. Upon receiving your letter I immediately called the customer and had no success getting in touch with them. So I resorted to email. They did respond to that with the comments that they were switching land lines or some story. The conflict with my service department was in reference to them insisting on us coming out to them to fix said problems and we informed them we do not come to you that you would have to come to us. We do not offer road service for many reasons and the list would be too long if I wrote it. In both my messages and my email I politely told them that I would take care of their problems if they would bring their camper to us. We did a complete detailed preparation to this camper and found almost nothing wrong with it. They had an appointment with my service department and then canceled it, see attached comments. Please close this case because it is bogus.



We have successfully had our camper fixed, however, we want it noted in this file that we spoke with our salesperson who said she couldn't do anything and we would need to work with the service manager who was less than friendly when I visited him and he did not return calls. We were frustrated and when our one call was not returned by the owner, we sought counseling and determined to contact your agency first before seeking legal council. Thank you for your mediation efforts and we thank the owner of Coopers for his response and guidance. We are satisfied with the results.


Cooper's RV Center Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service (2024)
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