Easiest Ways to Make Homemade Bread Soft and Fluffy (2024)

Easiest Ways to Make Homemade Bread Soft and Fluffy

By Richard Hendrick

Who doesn’t like a fresh loaf of bread from a local bakery? We all have noticed is that bread making at home is easier, simple, and tastier, but one thing homemade bread lacks is that it is never as soft or as fluffy as loaves of bread from your local bakeries. Bread from bakeries is so light and fluffy, which seems impossible to achieve at home, but not anymore! Our bakers have enlisted the most effective techniques and bread making tips to help you make bakery-like fluffy bread at home.

Bread making with simple flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt seems simple, right? But little change in measurement, bread baking technique or ingredients impacts a lot on how your bread turns out.

The perfect way to achieve the fluffiness and tender texture of the bread is also quite simple, just with a few simple changes in your recipes. Let’s start with common bread making mistakes that result in chewy or dry bread with bread making tips to fix them:

Changes You Can Make in Your Recipes For Making Softer Bread

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1. Do Not Over-Knead Your Dough

The over-kneading dough is a common bread making mistake, which makes gluten too tight for bread to rise, resulting in chewy bread instead of fluffy. Kneading correctly is most important to strengthen the gluten and give your bread a perfect texture. While kneading dough, make sure there are no lumps in the mixture and try to create a smooth dough.

How to check if your dough is fully kneaded?

The easiest way to check if your dough is appropriately kneaded is by taking a ‘Poke Test’. Whenever you feel your dough is fully kneaded, firmly poke in with a finger, and if it is filled back quickly and holds its shape, then you don’t need to knead any further. If the indent remains, then continue kneading for a little longer.

2. Ensure Dough is Well Hydrated

Another crucial bread making tip is that your dry ingredients to liquids ratio is precisely equal. A slight change in the measurement affects the texture of your bread. If your dry ingredients are more than liquid (whether you are using milk or water), it will make it hard for the dough to rise properly; yeast won’t work efficiently as water plays a role in yeast activation resulting in dry crusty bread. If your bread is not rising properly, check the measurement of liquids in the recipe.

3. Lubricate With Oil

One of the easiest ways our bakers follow to make bread soft and fluffy is by using 1-2 tablespoons of lubricant/fats such as vegetable oil to wet the ingredients. This will prevent the formation of excess gluten, as excess gluten makes bread chewy.

4. Add Sugar

Sugar acts as a liquifying agent in the dough. Adding sugar weakens the gluten structure, absorbs water, and eventually makes the bread lighter and softer. As a result, sugar improves the bread’s taste, structure and texture. Yeast also eats up sugar to produce carbon dioxide, which raises the dough and makes bread fluffy.

5. Add Eggs

Another bread making tips that can help you create better dough for softer and fluffy bread is by adding eggs. Eggs act as the binding agent, make the dough stronger, add rich flavour and extend the shelf life of bread.

6. Reduce Baking Time

One mistake often results in dry and hard bread is over-baking. Set your oven at the shortest time of the recipe and check if the bread is fully baked when the oven stops. You can check by tapping on the bottom side of the bread. Also, ensure the correct temperature while bread making.

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7. Create Steam in Oven

Commercial bread is softer due to the steam process used by bakeries, which is made to keep bread hydrated and fresh. Use cold water in a pan and put it on a rack beneath your bread to create steam.

8. Add Milk

To make your bread soft and fluffy, another trick used by commercial bakers is replacing water with milk. Milk has fats which make bread softer.

We at Old Bridge Bakery, carrying years of tradition of bread making, provide authentic and delicious loaves of bread in different flavours. Come and enjoy! And for more bread making tips and recipes, follow our website.

Easiest Ways to Make Homemade Bread Soft and Fluffy (2024)


What is the secret to a soft and fluffy bread? ›

Add Milk

To make your bread soft and fluffy, another trick used by commercial bakers is replacing water with milk. Milk has fats which make bread softer. We at Old Bridge Bakery, carrying years of tradition of bread making, provide authentic and delicious loaves of bread in different flavours.

What is used to make bread soft and fluffy? ›

The yeast releases carbon dioxide, which fills the dough and increases its volume. Due to the heat, more gas bubbles emerge when this dough is baked. The bread rises and becomes soft and fluffy as the gas leaves.

How do you keep homemade bread fluffy? ›

The solution is to put your lovely bread into a zip lock storage bag, then place that bag into a second plastic bag. Place a moistened, damp paper towel in between the two bags and zip it shut. Using this little trick should help your bread stay fresh for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

How do bakeries make their bread so soft? ›

Consistency: Bakeries often use machines to ensure consistent kneading and proofing times. This consistency is key to producing the same soft texture batch after batch. Special Ingredients: Many bakeries use dough conditioners or enhancers, which improve the texture and extend the bread's shelf life.

Does letting bread rise longer make it fluffier? ›

Does Rising Bread Affect Its Texture? For a fluffy bread texture, the key is to let the bread rise long enough.

What ingredient keeps bread soft? ›

Hydrocolloids can retain moisture in the bread. This is important because moisture plays a crucial role in the freshness and softness of bread. By holding onto water, hydrocolloids help prevent the bread from drying out too quickly, thus maintaining its moistness for longer.

How do you make bread soft fast? ›

If your bread is especially hard, brush the outside with water before wrapping it. Then, heat it on the center rack of your oven for about 30 minutes for a whole loaf; or 15 to 20 minutes for a partial loaf, or if you have a long, skinny loaf like a baguette.

What is responsible for making bread soft and fluffy? ›

Final answer: Carbon dioxide gas given off during fermentation of sugar makes bread soft and fluffy.

Does sugar make bread fluffy? ›

How does sugar affect bread dough? Sugar acts as a liquefier. It absorbs water, weakens the gluten structure, and makes the dough looser. The dough expands more when baking achieving an airier and softer crumb.

Why is my homemade bread always dense? ›

There may be several reasons for a dense, cake like texture in bread. It may indicate the kneading wasn't enough for the gluten to develop properly, or the dough was proved for too short a time or the dough may have been too dry. It is also worth checking the flour you used.

Why is my bread not fluffy and soft? ›

Over-kneading the dough can lead to a tight gluten structure and result in a dense texture. Using too much flour or not enough yeast can also affect the rise of the bread. Additionally, insufficient proofing time or improper shaping can contribute to a heavy loaf.

What makes bread soft and tender? ›

Usually it's gluten (a product of the protein in flour) that determines bread's texture. Bread where gluten plays a prominent role will be chewier. When the gluten level is lower, or when gluten is tamed by the addition of “softeners” like milk, butter, eggs, or oil, the bread will be more tender.

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