Euro 2024 Fantasy Preview: Matchday 2 Tips and Top Captaincy Picks (2024)

Euro 2024 Fantasy Preview: Matchday 2 Tips and Top Captaincy Picks (1)

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"Never write off the Germans," they say, and this was evident when the host nation defeated Scotland 5-1 in the opening game in Berlin. Matchday 1 was filled with splendor, with Spain and Romania securing a 3-0 victory over Croatia and Ukraine respectively, while Belgium suffered a surprising 1-0 defeat against Slovakia.

RotoBaller remains your favorite outlet for the best fantasy news worldwide and continues to dive into UEFA Euro 2024. In this article, we will look at the top fantasy tips to consider, as well as provide insights using statistics and metrics on what to expect ahead of the upcoming fixtures for Matchday 2.

Join me, the FPL Manual, as we analyze the top captaincy picks, best tips for your fantasy team, and injury updates to keep an eye out for in the next round.

3 - Romania have earned their biggest ever victory in a major tournament (World Cup/EURO), while their 29% possession is the lowest on record (since 1980) for a winning side in a match at the UEFA European Championship. Tricolorii. #ROMUKR #EURO2024

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) June 17, 2024

Matchday 2 Euro Fantasy Tips

Invest in Germany, Belgium, and Croatia Attacks

Euro fantasy managers are strongly recommended to target attacking assets from Germany, Croatia, or Belgium. According to projections, Germany is expected to generate an expected goal (xG) of 2.5, with Belgium following closely at 2.10 xG and Croatia at 1.90 xG.

The prospect of Kai Havertz, Florian Wirtz, and Jamal Musiala leading the attack for Germany presents an explosive selection of players for Euro Fantasy managers. Croatia and Belgium will be looking to secure their first wins in Euro 2024 in their respective groups. Recommended players to select for Matchday 2 include Luka Modrić, Lovro Majer, and Andrej Kramarić from Croatia, and Romelu Lukaku, Leandro Trossard, and Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium.

#euro2024: projected goals and clean sheet odds for the second round of group games, via spread betting markets

— Rob T (@robtFPL) June 17, 2024

Matchday 2 Top Captain Picks

The second gameweek of Euro 2024 offers a diverse set of enticing captaincy choices to set from. Players like Kevin De Bruyne against Romania and Spain's captain Alvaro Morata taking on Italy make a strong case for the armband. However, my top three picks are:

Kai Havertz (€7.5m) - Germany

Contributing a goal and an assist in the opening game against Scotland, Kai Havertz gave Euro Fantasy managers a solid start with 9 points. The Arsenal forward was instrumental in maintaining Germany's attacking threat, providing crucial link-up play and displaying a solid performance throughout the match.

Following their 5-1 victory and with Hungary up next, King Kai ascends to the top of the captaincy list, bolstered by a strong home advantage.

Kai Havertz’s game by numbers vs. Scotland:

100% shot accuracy
100% aerial duels won
12 passes completed
2 shots
1 assist
1 goal

Another top class display at 9. ⚪️⚪️⚪️

— Statman Dave (@StatmanDave) June 14, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo (€10m) - Portugal

Although the 39-year-old has yet to score against Turkey on the international stage, it’s crucial to remember Cristiano Ronaldo's unparalleled pedigree in important games. Holding the global record for most international goals, Ronaldo will be aiming to add to his tally against the Crescent-Stars.

As of this writing, Portugal is preparing for their first game against Czechia. This match will provide a clearer picture of Ronaldo’s form and his potential to be the special one for the armband.


— UEFA EURO 2024 (@EURO2024) June 18, 2024

Jude Bellingham (€9.5m) - England

Continuing his domestic form into Europe's biggest tournament, Jude Bellingham's lone goal secured three points for the Three Lions in a 1-0 victory against Serbia. Bellingham delivered 12 points for Euro Fantasy managers who entrusted him with the armband, earning an additional three points for winning the Player of the Match award.

Facing Denmark next, the Englishman is a strong candidate for captaincy in Matchday 2.

1 - Jude Bellingham is the first player to score for the England men's team at both the World Cup and European Championship while playing his club football outside of England. Law.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) June 16, 2024

Euro Fantasy managers have the ability to change captains on a daily basis during each gameweek, allowing us to have a wider range of options on any given day. Feel free to select any other enticing captain that was not mentioned above.

Differential Captain Pick (<10% ownership)

Patrik Schick (€7m) - Czechia

The winner of the UEFA Euro 2020 Best Goal award is a compelling option for this week. With favorable fixtures in Matchday 2, Czechia is expected to secure a win against newcomers Georgia.

Currently owned by only 2% of managers, Patrick Schick is an excellent differential captaincy choice.

🇨🇿🙌 After almost 800k votes, Patrik Schick's long-range stunner vs Scotland is UEFA EURO 2020 Goal of the Tournament! ⚽️💥#EUROGOTT @GazpromFootball #EURO2020

— UEFA EURO 2024 (@EURO2024) July 14, 2021

Injury Update and Suspended Players for Matchday 2

The latest update provides a comprehensive overview of the injury statuses and availability of key players ahead of the second round of fixtures for UEFA Euro 2024.

Spain's defender Aymeric Laporte, who missed the first game against Croatia due to discomfort, is back in training. Albania's forward Jasir Asani, however, was absent from training due to injury and is doubtful for the match against Croatia.

Scotland's defender Ryan Porteous has been handed a two-game ban following a red card for a rash tackle in the opening match, classified as serious rough play. French captain Kylian Mbappe sustained a broken nose in the game against Austria and is unlikely to feature in Matchday 2 against the Netherlands as he undergoes treatment.

❗️La cloison nasale de Kylian Mbappé a été replacée dans le vestiaire. Avant même d’aller à l’hôpital.
➡️ Il va effectuer des soins et porter un masque. Le staff ne devrait pas prendre de risque vendredi contre les Pays bas même s’il est apte
🔹Forfait contre la Pologne pas acté

— Fabrice Hawkins (@FabriceHawkins) June 18, 2024

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Euro 2024 Fantasy Preview: Matchday 2 Tips and Top Captaincy Picks (2)

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Euro 2024 Fantasy Preview: Matchday 2 Tips and Top Captaincy Picks (2024)


Euro 2024 Fantasy Preview: Matchday 2 Tips and Top Captaincy Picks? ›

Recommended players to select for Matchday 2 include Luka Modrić, Lovro Majer, and Andrej Kramarić from Croatia, and Romelu Lukaku, Leandro Trossard, and Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium.

Who to captain Euro Fantasy? ›

Safe Pick: Any German attacker from their top trio K. Havertz (€7.5m-FWD), F. Wirtz (€7.5m-MID), and J. Musiala (€8.5m-MID) would be a perfect safe captain pick for the first day.

When to use limitless in Euro Fantasy? ›

Using a Wildcard in Matchday 2 and following it up with a Limitless in Matchday 3 is one popular strategy. Doing the reverse is also an option, of course. Then there's the less discussed alternative of using a Wildcard now to plan for Matchdays 2 and 3, saving the Limitless for later in the tournament.

How to win Fantasy Premier League? ›

It takes a lot of self-discipline not to be overly reactive in FPL. A good way of viewing decisions is to make them for a block of time (say, 4 or 6 Gameweeks) then keep faith in your transfer decision for that period. Then your focus (and precious free transfers) can be spent on repairing other areas of your squad.

How many times can you change captain in Euro fantasy? ›

In a nutshell, a maximum of one captain per calendar day. You can also only keep captaincy points from one player per Matchday, so there's a definite 'stick or twist' element to it. Managers won't be able to use hindsight – it cannot be moved to someone who has already played and succeeded.

How do they choose captains in soccer? ›

How are soccer captains chosen? Typically, a captain is selected by the team's manager based on several factors, including their experience, leadership abilities and seniority, followed by their skill level and natural talent.

What is the secret to winning fantasy football? ›

Let's start by stating the obvious: to overtake the manager at the top of your league, you'll need to pick different players to them. 'Differential' players, as they're known in the fantasy football community, are key to success.

Is there any strategy to fantasy football? ›

7 Key Strategies for Tailored Player Rankings. The most advanced fantasy football draft strategy for any format, and any league, is a “Value Based Draft Strategy.” It can take different forms, and be based on any number of draft-value indicators.

How do you pick the best players in fantasy football? ›

For example, QB is the highest-scoring position in most leagues. But elite RBs and WRs typically get drafted first because you need more starters at those positions and their scoring drops off more sharply. That's why the best way to draft is generally to prioritize RBs and WRs while waiting on QBs and TEs.

How do you choose a captain in FIFA 22? ›

Re: How to become a captain in fifa 22?
  1. Go to Custom Tactics.
  2. Press "roles"
  3. Find "Captain" and flick the stick around and press confirm over the player you want to be the captain in your squad.

Who should I put on my bench fantasy football team? ›

Who should I have on my fantasy football bench? It's best to have more running backs and wide receivers on your bench with high upside. One reason is they might be a breakout player and also your starting lineup includes two of each position so it makes sense to have more backups.

How do you captain a player in FPL? ›

From your starting 11 you nominate a captain and a vice-captain. Your captain's score will be doubled. If your captain plays 0 minutes in the Gameweek, the captain will be changed to the vice-captain. If both captain and vice-captain play 0 minutes in a Gameweek, then no player's score will be doubled.

Does the captain matter in FIFA Career? ›

The player who will be the captain by default. This role does not influence the game. It's only relevant to some animations that do not affect your team's performance. Choose a player of your preference freely.

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