Fantastic Sams Prices 2024: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

Fantastic Sams prices start at $23.50 for adult haircuts and $17.50 for kids’ haircuts. In addition, the salon offers different services where you can be comfortable and more confident about yourself.

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon speaks to its name because it offers fantastic services. However, it does not only give great experiences- but also the prices are affordable.

Sam Ross, the owner of Fantastic Sams hair salon, opened his first hair salon in Memphis, Tennessee, way back in 1974. With the positive response from his customers, Sam decided to franchise his beloved brand just two years later.

Today, the Fantastic Sams brand has grown to over 1,100 salons nationwide. They have earned the high status of providing excellent quality hair care services for great value. Sam Ross aims to provide quality, service, and style for an affordable price.

Fantastic Sams Services Offered

Fantastic Sams hair salon seeks to provide the entire family with a friendly environment. Haircuts for men, women, and kids are all offered. Fantastic Sams also offers a combination package for women’s haircuts and styling. Additional services include beard and mustache trim, eyebrow waxing, shampoo, and style. Fantastic Sams prices are not expensive as expected.

Fantastic Sams hair salon also offers single-process color services, foil highlights, partial highlights, cap highlights, men’s colors, and cuts. For texture, Fantastic Sam hair salon can perform anything from perms, body waves, spirals, and specialty wraps on any given client.

Also, Fantastic Sams has a line of hair care products, from shampoos to conditioners. As well as more than a few styling aids that contain their own choice of formulation, “Fantastic Complex.” The formula strengthens, smoothens, and augments shine to your hair.

Fantastic Sams Prices 2024


Fantastic Sams Haircut Pricing

All haircuts include "FS shampoo therapy" (a complimentary shampoo and 3-minute scalp massage)
Adult Cut $22.00
Adult Cut & Dry $29.00
Clipper Cut $13.00
Kids Cut11 & under $15.00
Kids Cut & Dry11 & under$19.00

Specialty Style

Includes shampoo, haircut, style & 3-minute scalp massage
Adult Designer Cut$40.00
Kids Designer Cut$25.00

Fantastic Sams Hair Color Pricing

All color services include a blowout. Additional charges may apply for length, thickness, and/or condition of hair
Color Touch-up$55.00
All Over Color $65.00
All Over Foil (w/ highlights or lowlights)$65.00
Partial Foils (w/ highlights or lowlights)$45.00
Double Process$110.00
Men's Color Blending$20.00

Fantastic Sams Texture Services

Additional charges may apply for length, thickness, and/or condition of hair
Perm Only$50.00
Perm & Cut$60.00
Perm, Cut & Style$75.00

How Much to Tip your Hairdresser at Fantastic Sams?

When tipping your hairstylist, you can give a 10% to 20% tip depending on the type of service provided to you. If their service is good enough for you, leave at least a 10% tip. Likewise, if you are satisfied with your experience, you can leave a 20% tip.

Why Choose Fantastic Sams Hair Salon?

The greatest highlight of Fantastic Sams is their flexibility. Again, the Fantastic Sam prices are at a great value. They offer complete cutting, styling, straightening, coloring, highlighting, and texturing packages.

Fantastic Sams prices are inexpensive, yet, the salon offers the best quality. Fantastic Sams follows good customer service, and thus, it creates a friendly environment.

They provide unique, skilled hair professionals who are always educated on the latest styles and trends. These stylists are on standby to make important suggestions and whose skills will give your desired looks and styles. They are passionate, hard-working stylists who make their clients feel comfortable.

Hair Salon Business Statement

Fantastic Sams has a brand of hair care products that are sold at an affordable price. In addition, the products provide every customer with a beautiful look as they please.

The ultimate goal Fantastic Sams aims to fulfill is “We want to make each customer feel fantastic.” Fantastic Sams is not just a common organization. It is amazing and has the best service.

Make use of your time and visit Fantastic Sams for a fantastic time! To set up an appointment with Fantastic Sams or for more information, visit their official site

Also, check outFantastic Sams couponsfor the latest Coupons and Specials.

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Fantastic Sams Hours


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Fantastic Sams Prices 2024: Everything You Need To Know (2024)
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