Remote PC (2024)

Remote PC is a key item that allows the player to get access to the PC anywhere, similar to Rotom Phone in mainline games. However, Remote PC doesn't work during any Elite Four challenge and during Celebi Quest.


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The Remote PC obtained in Nightclub requires one Cell Battery for each use, while the one obtained in Grand Hall does not.

Remote PCAfter ArrivalGrand HallGuide
Remote PCDuring Tier 0NightclubGuide


Grand Hall[]

The first Remote PC appears in Grand Hall if the password "freeremotepc" is active.

Remote PC (1)


Another Remote PC is buyable once in the nightclub from the middle clerk. The Remote PC option only appears after the player has bought the EXP All Upgrade and has not obtained Remote PC before..

Remote PC (2)


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Remote PC (2024)
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