What’s The Optimal Temperature For Soup? (2024)

What’s The Optimal Temperature For Soup? (1)

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  • Did you know that the temperature not only affects the experience of eating soup, but also the flavor?
  • For most people, the tongue’s pain threshold is around 153 degrees.
  • Ultimately, you choose the temperature you prefer, however, let's see what science says the optimal temperature for soup is.

Soup is an endlessly versatile food. From ingredients to spices to textures and more, it can be customized to exact tastes and dietary needs. Even soup’s serving temperature can be tailored to the eater’s preferences. But did you know that there’s a scientifically-proven optimal temperature for serving soup?

Yes, it’s true! This is because temperature not only affects the experience of eating soup, but also the flavor. As soup is heated, the intensity of its aromas increases. This, in turn, amplifies flavors. Then, as soup cools, it gives off less umami flavor, and may taste saltier.

Science Says: Serve Soup At 149 Degrees

According to the Journal of Food Science, the optimal temperature for soup lies somewhere between 136 and 162 degrees. There are a few factors that contribute to this estimation, but the most important consideration is the tongue’s pain threshold, which is around 153 degrees for most people.

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The Ideal Temperature Of Soup? It’s Up To You

Ultimately, you should eat soup at whatever temperature works for you. If you like lukewarm soup, go for it. If you prefer soup to be steaming hot, eat it that way. (Just make sure you don’t burn your tongue!) Here’s a fun experiment: tryour soupsat different temperatures to see how the flavors and aromas change.

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Source: Mashed, “Science Says This Is The Ideal Temperature For Soup

Article Written By: 18 Chestnuts Team

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What’s The Optimal Temperature For Soup? (2024)
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