The exciting BiCO Primary School Football and Pine Hill Diary competitions for 2016 are here again.  In the Football completion, 70 teams will be seeking to dethrone the St. Stephen’s Primary from the mantle, an undertaking that they would want to prove difficult with their gifted junior footballers. Similarly, the revamped Pine Hill Netball competition - the number of the zones moving from 10 to 6 – having the effect

of a more intense struggle to dethrone the outstanding 2015 winners, Blackman and Gollop Primary school from atop the medal podium.


These junior competitions have offered up some very talented and exciting players in the past of the likes of footballer Elijah Downey, St. Stephens Primary and netballer Amanda Knight, Charles F. Broome Primary and as such, the public at large and the ardent supporters in general, will be in for mouth watering action among the young primary school charges.

The viewing public can receive an early glimpse of future Barbados and International players.


Not to be overlooked and must be highly commended is the National Sports Council coaching staff, the Physical Education teachers from the Primary schools as well as the many Volunteer coaches and supporters who have prepared the young charges for this

intense competition, in addition, the continual and ardent support of the main sponsors BICO and Pine Hill Diary has added to an overall successful affair. The National Sports Council would wish another year of clean, fair yet tough completion and look forward to see who will emerge at the top of the pile after the two months of both competitions. May the best teams win!