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Bico Football and Pine Hill Dairy Netball

Its here again! The existing Pine Hill Dairy Netball and the BICO Primary School Football competitions will begin on Thursday May 8th and Friday May 9th respectively.

Sixty (66) teams, in ten(10) zones, and seventy one (71) teams in eight (8) zones from the various schools throughout Barbados will be seeking to dethrone the Pine Hill defending Netball champions Blackman and Gollop Primary and the BICO defending football champions Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary.

Players such as the gifted footballer, Ramar Miller and the prolific young netballer Shanice Wharton have emerged from these competitions and this year's edition is sure to produce players of this ilk. This cadre of players will be placed in the National Sports Council's development squads for further training and development, which will redound to Barbados' sporting benefit.

he enthusiastic support from teachers, parents and fans alike is sure to be around, but respect for the referees/umpires is the most valuable support that can be given to the sponsors, various competitions, the players, coaches and the schools.

The Council looks forward to successful competitions and may the best team win. To each and every player "Put your best foot forward and play to the best of your ability in each game”! Good Luck!


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